Bathroom design cannot be separated from the selection of the right type of floor. So that the interior design of the bathroom looked more attractive and in accordance with the wishes. Well before choosing the right type of bathroom floor, it’s good some of these things you know first. Apart from that, perhaps you need to check out the high-quality Travertine Basins on a trusted online store.

Choosing Floor Type Wooden Bathroom

Bathroom floor with the wood material is often considered to make the bathroom look elegant and simple. So make any type of wood flooring so popular and popular. But even though the type of flooring material that is quite affordable, wood flooring is also a material that is easily fragile and porous if not treated properly. Therefore, this type of material is more suitable to be applied to a dry bathroom so it is not often exposed to water and can last more durable.


One of the most popular and preferred bathroom floor materials is the ceramic material. It has many choices with different models, designs, motifs, materials, and colors, making ceramic easily adapted to the theme and concept of interior style bathroom. you can also choose the application of bathroom floor with a roughly textured ceramics for the wet bathroom so as not too prone to slip, or ceramic with beautiful motifs and colors for a dry bathroom.

The bathroom floor treatment with ceramics was relatively easier with the durability of the old. So the cost is more affordable.

Bathroom Floor With Cement Material

Bathroom with Industrial style will certainly look more attractive with the application of the type of bathroom floor using exposed cement material. The rough texture will be safer and not slippery when exposed to water. No need for complicated maintenance, bathroom floor with cement material also does not require a lot of budgets. Plus the durable material, making cement material more attractive for the perfect bathroom floor.