Umrah worship is an alternative for those who have not been given the opportunity to hajj to the holy land. Moreover, for the people of Asia, the quota system makes queues to perform Haj pilgrimage long enough. Meanwhile, visit to find the good deals and packages for Hajj travel.

Although not the most important, worship Umroh no less special with Hajj. Here is an explanation of the primacy of Umrah worship.

1. One Umroh Worship to the Next Umroh Is Kaffaroh or Sin Offers
Allah Almighty will wipe away our sins among the implementation of one umroh with the next umroh. Simply put it this way, if 3 years ago we have been performing umroh worship, next year gave another chance to perform Umroh worship. Then the sins between these two moments of sin will be forgiven by God Almighty.

2. Umrah Is a Jihad for Woman and Weak People
For the women and for those who are physically weak during the time of the Prophet, can not participate in jihad or fight in the way of Allah swt. But they can still get the Cadillac of jihad reward by performing Umroh worship in the holy land.

3. Jamaah Umroh Are the God-Fellows whose Prayers are Granted
Hajj and Umroh became a very special service because people who come to the holy land to perform the worship are the guests of Allah swt so that what is requested by the guest will be granted by Allah swt. This is one of the privileges of umroh worship in the holy land.