Know When It’s The Right Time To Trim Your Plants

Trimming can stimulate growth, increase fruit production, and make tree shapes beautiful. Do the trimming when the tree is dormant (inactive). Get rid of tree branches affected by the disease, death, or damaged. Prevent the growth of trees that have several stems and branches that point inwards. Try to get fruit trees to get sufficient light in all branches and do not let the branches overlap each other that inhibits the growth of fruit. By visiting our website, you can get the best trimming service. In addition, we also provide Grapevine tree company near me.

– Cut the tree in winter (if you live in a country with 4 seasons). Fruit trees are in a dormant condition in winter (so as not to produce fruit or leaves). This makes it easier for you to target which areas you want to trim and can drive fruit production. Trimming in winter is the best action for most fruit trees.

– Cut the tree in summer (if you live in a country with 4 seasons). Some fruit trees should be trimmed in summers, such as cherry trees and apricots. In addition, summer trimming can increase branch growth, and divert the tree’s energy to focus on growing the desired branch. However, summer cuts have risks. This action can slow the process of ripening fruit and make the fruit exposed to sun exposure. Typically, untrained trees do not need to be trimmed in the summer. Trimming in summer is perfect for trees with branches that look damaged or dead, or leaves drooping from too much fruit or leaves. Consult a botanist if you want to know if your plants need trimming in the summer or not. Botanists are experts who have been specially trained and know the ins and outs of plants. They can help you to determine if your plants need trimming in the summer or not.