How to Select a Qualified Smartphone

Currently hundreds of phone sale brands with thousands of types/series on the market. With varied price variations. And each brand claims to have the best features and advantages that are different from other smartphone brands. Here are some ways to choose a quality smartphone:

1. Know CPU Type and RAM Capacity

This CPU is a Central Processing Unit, just like in a computer or laptop. What distinguishes it if this smartphone is small. For this hardware on smartphones usually, use Dual-Core CPU.

While RAM is a Random Access Memory, into consideration after choosing the CPU. RAM is a useful hardware to run applications on mobile phones. If you open the application in the smartphone exceeds the capacity of RAM available to eat mobile phone will be slow and even lag. Make sure you choose the capacity of RAM according to your needs, can 1 Giga, 2 Giga, or 4 Giga, which will be directly proportional to the price. Generally, the higher the RAM capacity of the smartphone will be more expensive also the price.

2. Select Appropriate GPU

The GPU in this smartphone technology is the same as the VGA on a laptop or computer. GPU stands for general process unit. Plays an important role to run HD and 3D quality games. Simply GPU is a graphics card that into consideration the gamers in choosing a smartphone. The higher the capacity of GPU will be the better image generated smartphone.

3. Display Screen

The smartphone screen becomes one of the things that count. Because on this mobile phone screen images and videos are watched. On-screen, games can also be enjoyed. On the screen, we can also type and enjoy various applications. Talking about the mobile phone screen, usually, the first that arises on our mind are the size, then the quality of the picture. For the size of the smartphone screen itself generally, ranges from 4 to 7 inches. You can choose it as you need it. For the tablet screen typically 7 to 12 inches. While the image quality is determined by the type of screen used, whether the screen is using LCD technology, TFT, IPS, AMOLED, or SUPER AMOLED. For the sophisticated type of display, today is the Super AMOLED screen developed by SAMSUNG and used by some other mobile brands.