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We have an app available for your smartphone so you may now locate
our shows, browse our songbook, and make requests, all from your phone!

Click on one of the following links to install the app:

The word "karaoke" is derived from the Japanese and is a blending of the two words, "kara" meaning "empty" and "okesutora" meaning "orchestra".  Singers can sing along to their favorite songs that have the lead vocal removed by reading the lyrics that appear on a video monitor. 

Cutting Edge Entertainment first introduced San Antonio to karaoke in 1992 and it has been going strong ever since!  Our service includes approximately 17,000 karaoke songs, three microphones, video monitors, and a professional host.  To sign up to sing your favorite song, songbooks, request slips, and golf pencils are provided.

Our karaoke hosts are fun, outgoing, entertainers that can get your group or audience involved.  They will show you how it's done, sing a song or two themselves, and then turn the microphone over to you.  They can also MC your event by making announcements, introduce speakers, and award door prizes.

We supply karaoke service for all sorts of private events, from birthday parties, holiday parties, weddings, graduations, and company picnics.  For our next public event, click on the Karaoke Kalendar sub-menu above for our current schedule.

If you are interested in karaoke service for your bar or restaurant, please call us for more information.  We have a special reduced rate for an ongoing agreement for weekly events.  With the size of our staff, we guarantee to have a host available for every show, thus insuring the return of your karaoke regulars.  Many bars and restaurants have used us over the years and we have a few clients that used us for over ten years straight and experienced much success!

With thousands of songs waiting to be sung (or in some cases, butchered), karaoke is fun for all ages!

2935 Thousand Oaks, # 6161, San Antonio, TX  78247
(210)495-3900, 1-800-765-4ADJ